“My Bug”
Blue Sky
30" x 40"
Acrylic on Canvas
Private Collection
Exhibition at City Art, November 2010.
"Sure, you can call me Vicky. I was down and out and living at a run down car lot on Two Notch Road. I had been abused and mistreated, was smoking heavily, and my shocks were sagging. One day, a weird looking bearded guy pulled into the lot in a VW van that was old enough to be my mother. It turns out he was an artist who had just finished a mural in Camden, SC, had just been paid, and was now plunking down $2,000 to buy me. We've been so happy ever since. He reamed my cylinders, stroked my connecting rods and got me back on the road to recovery with a steady diet of STP."
My Bug (Fine Art America Print)
Print on canvas,metal or paper. Numerous sizes