“Wall Grabbers”
Blue Sky
17 feet by 50 feet
Crayton Middle School, Columbia, SC
Sky Scams School!

"Our son's middle school had a parking problem, so I created an overflow parking lot with six additional spaces all numbered in the sequence of the real parking spaces," says Sky. The parking lot comes equipped with litter, a drain, and a newspaper blowing in the wind.

The Volkswagen belongs to the artist, and the BMW and the Suzuki belong to two of his friends.

Sky volunteered two months of his time to paint the mural on the brick face of the Crayton Library. When the school was demolished and renovated, the construction planners spent weeks preparing a method to salvage the wall alone. Thanks to their efforts, "Wall Grabbers" has survived as a freestanding wall mural for the continued enjoyment of students, parents, and faculty.
Mural by Blue Sky, photo by Scott Bilby
Wall Grabbers (Fine Art America Print)
Print on canvas,metal or paper. Numerous sizes