“Levitating Dumpster”
Blue Sky
Regulation Sized Dumpster
Mixed Media Sculpture
CMFA Festival & SC State Museum
Temporary Installation
Columbia, SC
Exhibited ~2000

Blue Sky, on "Levitating Dumpster":
"I've always wanted to create an illusion of something huge, floating in space, seemingly unsupported. To pull off the illusion successfully, I had to not tip off people that it was a work of art, therefore, I chose the lowest, most repugnant object on earth - the dumpster. I figured that no one would believe that this was art, so they would believe that what they were seeing was real. It was slimy, greasy, rusty, [with] paint peeling off of it where someone had apparently started a fire inside of it, as dumpsters often have. The warnings, etc., on the surface were carefully researched and duplicated until the patina matched an old beat up dumpster beyond the slightest doubt."

According to Sky's wife, Lynn:
"In fact, no one would believe it was a work of art, even when you told them."

"Levitating Dumpster" debuted at the Columbia Music Festival Association's fundraising 'Street Bash' and no one suspected it was art. Attendants believed it was an actual dumpster and were unable to figure out what supported it. Sky and his wife are tight-lipped about the secret.

After 'Street Bash,' the work was displayed at the South Carolina State Museum, outside an exhibition hall where it could be viewed through a large glass window. Still, visitors were perplexed by the piece, and wondered why a dumpster was so high in the air. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by the tail end of a hurricane which passed through Columbia.