“Moonlight on the Great Pee Dee”
Blue Sky
10 feet by 20 feet
GSA Federal mural on canvas & sculpture
John L. McMillan Federal Building, Florence, SC
Mural & Sculpture Installation. Oils on canvas, sculpture.
John L. McMillan Federal Building
Florence, SC; Unveiled 1978

This mural is located inside the entrance of the John L. McMillan Federal Building in Florence, South Carolina. It was commissioned by the GSA (General Services Administration). Sky designed and built the installation concrete bridge sculpture which surrounds the mural, inviting the viewer to participate in the scene.

The original mural included twinkling stars, fireflies, and reflections in the water - effects produced by then-cutting-edge fiber optic technology. At the original unveiling many were brought to tears at the sensitivity of the work.

Unfortunately, at one point the mural was shipped to the Smithsonian and 'restored' without the artist's knowledge or consent. The backlighting was removed, parts of the canvas were haphazardly patched, and the canvas was revarnished, leaving the mural in a rather questionable state. Many are disappointed with this turn of events, considering that had he been asked, Sky himself could have restored the work properly.

However, in May of 2015, Blue Sky was contacted by the Fine Arts Department of General Services Administration and was advised that they had restored the mural's lights, taking it back as closely as possible to the artist's original vision. An expert restorer spent two weeks on site completing the project. Upon viewing the work, Blue Sky was pleasantly surprised to see the lighting near to what he originally had created and said it has restored his faith in GSA.

The original proposal and rendition for the mural is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian.