“3D Street Art”
Birgit Krols, Tectum Publishing
Art History Book
Antwerp, Belgium
Features the murals of artist Blue Sky.

Publisher description:

All over the world, trompe l'oeils, anamorphisms, lenticulars, abstract illusions and other 3D techniques have been finding their way to pavements, walls, subways, utility boxes and other public spots. The materials, subjects and results are as diverse as the artists themselves, but the works of art all have one thing in common: they trick the unsuspecting passer-by into seeing things that aren't there.

This book introduces you to some of the most remarkable artists from the past, present and future of 3D street art. Meet their mind boggling oeuvre and their unique vision, witness how their thrilling three-dimensional creations transform ordinary locations into alternative realities and behold the unexpected worlds that lie hidden beneath the surface of everyday street life.

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