Reclining Nude with Drape
Pastels on pastel paper
Lynches River Bridge
Oils on Canvas
Nude with Robe Sitting on Sofa
Colored marker on Colored pastel paper
Girl Thinking with Knee Socks and Sunglasses
Black pastels on grey pastel paper
Torso sketch
Blue Ink on lined pale blue paper
Black & White Sleeping Cat
Marker/ Italian handmade paper
Girl Reading Book on Sofa, Glasses on her head
Marker and paint pen on Pastel Paper
Black and White Spotted Sleeping Cat - 2004 - vertical
Black marker on handmade Italian paper
Her Face
Black paint pen on white pastel paper
Girl Reading Blue Sky book
Marker and paint pen on Pastel Paper
Girl in Dress Leaning Back in Chair Looking Directly at Viewer
Marker on Pastel Paper, Live sketch
Self Portrait of the Artist
Black paint pen on colored pastel paper