Panama or Bust!
Blue Sky is on his way to Panama City, Panama. (Picture shown: proposed mural wall)
Posted on April 11, 2013
Blue Sky is on his way to the "First Biennial of the South" invitational in Panama City, Panama.

Central America will never be the same!

"Where the artists take the city" is the motto of the First Biennial of the South in Panama City, Panama.
Artist and Muralist, Blue Sky is on his way to Central America to the "Summoning Worlds" invitational celebration of 500 years of the founding of the South Sea.
More than 200 international artists from 65 countries will be in Panama for 45 days showing their works of art in the South first Biennial to be held from April 15 to May 30 in different parts of the district capital.
A formal invitation has been extended to the Embassies, their representatives, and to officials of each artist's country. Also participating will be Guggenheim director Juan Ignacio Vidarte and Bilbao museum director, Javier Viar.
An exhibition by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero is one of the main attractions of the First Biennial of the South in Panama.

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